• September 26, 2023
How to cancel auto renewal on mtn

4 Easy Ways: How to cancel auto renewal on mtn in 2023?

Our dependency on mobile services is increasing dramatically in today’s fast-paced world. MTN, one of the top telecom companies, has been at the forefront of tying people together globally. The wide range of services MTN offers, including data bundles and subscription options, guarantees its clients can easily stay connected. 

Although these services are convenient, there may be a moment when you need to cancel an auto-renewal. This blog post will guide you on how to cancel auto-renewal on mtn in 2023, whether you’re moving plans, facing financial difficulties, or want more freedom.

Let’s start with the procedure so you may regain control of your membership settings.

What is Auto-Renewal on MTN?

With MTN’s Auto-Renewal function, your subscription plan or service is automatically revived at the end of its reasonable time without your action. When auto-renewal is turned on, MTN automatically deducts the required amounts from your account balance or adds them to your postpaid bill to ensure your membership continues uninterruptedly.

The convenience of remembering to renew your plan manually is removed by this time-saving function, assuring continuous access to services like data bundles, voice plans, or value-added services. 

Although you may fully control your subscription options and make judgments about your connectivity needs, it’s crucial to be aware of auto-renewal and its repercussions because it will keep collecting money unless you explicitly cancel it.

Why Should You Cancel Auto-Renewal?

An excellent feature that ensures uninterrupted connectivity is auto-renewal. There can be circumstances, though, when you desire to cancel it. You may have discovered a better deal or want to change providers. Regardless of the cause, turning off auto-renewal puts you in control of your membership settings and enables you to make choices that suit your requirements.

Although auto-renewal is convenient, it’s crucial to remember that unless you explicitly cancel it, the function will keep taking the membership costs. Therefore, it’s important to stop auto-renewal if you no longer want to stick with the same subscription plan or would rather consider other choices to prevent unexpected fees or commitments over your preferred time.

You can change plans, review your subscription choices, or even change service providers if you so choose when you cancel the auto-renewal. It permits you to manage your subscriptions and guarantees that your choices align with your unique demands and specifications.

How to Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN?

Here are four different ways to cancel your auto-renewal on MTN. Just follow them; here you go! 

1. Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTn via USSD code:

  1. Open the phone app or dialer on your smartphone.
  2. Press the call button after entering the USSD code 180.
  3. A menu with numerous settings relating to your MTN subscription will display on your screen.
  4. Select “Manage My Bundles” or “Bundle Management.” The exact language may change based on your region and the services offered by MTN.
  5. After that, select “Auto Renewal” or “Bundle Auto Renewal.”
  6. Your active subscriptions or bundles will be listed on the screen. Choose the bundle or subscription whose auto-renewal you want to cancel.
  7. Pick “Cancel Auto-Renewal” or “Deactivate Auto Renewal” for your chosen package.
  8. When the auto-renewal for the selected bundle has been properly stopped, you will receive a confirmation message.

It’s crucial to remember that based on your region and the particular MTN service offerings available in your nation, the USSD code and menu selections may change somewhat. You should call MTN’s customer support helpline for advice and more information about how to cancel auto-renewal on mtn subscription if you run into any problems or need more help.

2. Via MyMTN app:

  1. Install the MTN app on your smartphone.
  2. Use the MyMTN app to log in.
  3. Please enter your phone number.
  4. Navigate to “My Subscription”
  5. “Toggle off auto-renewal” should be clicked. Click “turn off” after that.
  6. Any existing data subscription won’t automatically renew after this is done.

3. Via My MTN web platform:

  1. Visit the My MTN website. 
  2. Specify your login information. Then type in your telephone number.
  3. Enter the OTP code that will be provided to your phone number.
  4. To my subscription, scroll down.
  5. Choosing a data bundle.
  6. After that, turn off auto-renewal.

You should contact MTN’s customer care for advice & support if you encounter any issues or require further help during the procedure. They will be able to give you detailed instructions and solve any problems you might run into while attempting to activate a one-time purchase using the MyMTN Web interface.

4. Via SMS:

The quickest way to stop auto-renewal is through SMS. This procedure is also helpful when you have previously signed up for a data plan but unintentionally selected auto-renewal. Send NoCODE to 131 to discontinue the auto-renewal plan. The auto-renewal will be instantly canceled.

  1. Via contacting customer service:
  2. Use your phone number to dial 180.
  3. After a little delay, press 2.
  4. After a little while, push 3.
  5. Next, push 6.
  6. To transfer your call to a customer service representative, press 0.
  7. After that, you may submit your cancellation request for the auto-renewal.

How to Disable MTN Weekly, Daily, and Monthly Data Renewal?

Without spending any time, follow these simple instructions to learn how to turn off MTN data’s auto-renewal feature without knowing the plan code or sending any mail.

  1. Enter *131# and then select Data Plans
  2. Click on Option 8 to Manage Data.
  3. Select Option 3 to cancel auto-renewal.
  4. Pick the Bundle You Want to Skip
  5. It’s Done!

Last Words:

As a result, enabling one-time purchases through the MyMTN Web site is an easy and practical approach to getting access to the services and goods you require without signing up for lengthy subscriptions. You may quickly personalize your experience and appreciate the freedom to select when & how you use MTN’s services by making a few clicks.

MyMTN Web allows you to make quick and on-demand purchases catered to your requirements, whether data bundles, phone subscriptions, or value-added services. Therefore, immediately take charge of your MTN experience and enable the ease of one-time buying since flexibility and freedom are only a few clicks away!