• September 26, 2023
How to find people by phone numbers

How to find people by phone numbers

Have you ever been interested in learning how to find people by phone number? 

The power of phone numbers can be a priceless tool whether you’re trying to get in touch with a long-lost friend, find a missing family member, or run a complete background check. This guide will go through several techniques and resources that can efficiently help you search for persons by phone numbers. 

Get ready to start your own personal search experience on these people finder techniques.

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How to find someone’s phone number for free: 4 options

Method 1: find someone’s name with a phone number using reverse phone lookup sites

Reverse phone lookup is a method for how to find people by phone number. It enables you to learn information on a specific phone number, including the name, address, location, and other contact details. Reverse phone lookup allows you to enter the phone number and get relevant details about the person or business associated with that number rather than searching for someone’s contact information based on their name. 

Reverse phone lookup websites collect data on phone numbers from databases, public records, and a variety of other data sources. These services have access to a tremendous amount of information, including public records, social media accounts, phone book listings, and other sources that can be used to determine who owns a phone number.

You can enter a phone number and start a search by using a reverse phone lookup service or website.  the service gives you access to the data related to that phone number. This information can help you identify unknown callers, confirm a call’s authority, get in touch with long-lost contacts, or run background checks.

Method 2: how to find someone by their phone number with Facebook, Instagram/social media:

  • Beginning with Facebook: You may search Facebook using the “Search Facebook” bar that is located on the Facebook main page or top navigation bar. Press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon after entering the phone number in the search field you might be able to locate the person you’re looking for by using Facebook to show you any posts or profiles connected to that phone number.

  •  Instagram: 

Sign in to Instagram or create a new account. To use the search function, tap on the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom of the screen. In the search box, type the phone number and click “Search.” If there are any profiles linked to the phone number, Instagram will show them. If you don’t see the person you’re looking for, check the search results.

  • Twitter: 

A search bar can be found at the top of the Twitter homepage. Press Enter after typing the phone number into the search field. If there are any profiles or tweets on Twitter connected to that phone number, they will be shown.

  • LinkedIn: 

Enter the phone number in the search box at the top of the LinkedIn homepage and press “Search.” If the user has linked their phone number to their LinkedIn account, LinkedIn may show any profiles connected to that number.

  • Other platforms: 

Depending on the person’s social media activity, you can use the search features of platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, or Snapchat to explore their content. If applicable, enter the phone number to see if any results are returned. 

Method 3: google search

Step 1

In the Google search box, type the following phone number: Enter the phone number first, followed by the Area code.

Step 2

Put quote marks around the phone number: Put the phone number in quote marks to look for an exact match. like “555-123-4567”.

Step 3

Include more information: Include more information in your search query if the original search doesn’t produce any results that are relevant.

Step 4

Check online directories or listings. Google may show results from these sources that have the phone number you are looking for.

Method 4: Conduct a contact search

You can also look up a person by name in the employee directory of the business they are employed by. However, in order to access this information, you typically need to be employed by the same organization. As an alternative, you might look at the company’s website’s About US section.

Other ways how to find people by phone number

  • True caller
  • Scannero
  • Radaris
  • Information.com
  • BeenVerified
  • ZabaSearch

You can also opt for this look-up tool, background check, which covers information such as a criminal record, email addresses, employment history, and so on.

  • Editor’s Choice: Truthfinder – Overall Best Free Background Check Service.
  • Intelius is the best free public record search service.
  • Instant Checkmate – Criminal and Arrest Records Check Service.
  • US Search – The Best Site for Background Information.


There are many ways related to how to find a person by phone number, including contact search websites like white page, search engines, social media, and public data. These look-up tools can assist you in learning important facts about someone, such as their name, address, and other contact information.

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