• September 26, 2023
Business Card Phone Number

Business Card Phone Number

People frequently overlook the crucial role that business cards play in information transmission. Beautiful, unique cards are a fun way to spread the word about your company, but they are only helpful if they encourage potential customers to contact you.

Your relationship with someone can be made or broken by the information you present and how you present it. So don’t worry; our professionals will demonstrate how to accomplish it.

Please be aware that if you follow our advice—which we highly suggest you do—your phone cannot stop ringing!

You Should Show Information On Your Business Cards

With printed telephone cards, it’s simple to become overexcited and overspend. We understand that, especially if you’re a start-up or SME, you want to appeal to as many customers as possible. The opposite will occur, though, if the cards are crowded and disorganised.

Details that are unneeded and irrelevant take up valuable space. In addition, your card will become challenging to read and tiresome, which may put off potential buyers.

What makes a business card crucial?

Furthermore, the importance of business cards may be seen in a company’s branding and marketing initiatives. Business cards contain personal information such as name, email address, phone number, etc. These cards can be carefully made to represent the company’s image and philosophy. Everything from color schemes to logo location to font selection can also contribute to making the desired impression on the recipient’s mind.

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Also, a company’s marketing and branding initiatives show the worth of business cards. You can find personal details on business cards like your name, email address, phone number, etc. These cards can be thoughtfully designed to convey the company’s mission and values. Making the ideal impression on the recipient’s mind can be accomplished by using everything from colour schemes to logo placement to the font choice.

What should therefore be included on a business card? 

Your business card phone number is as significant as your name and official work title, as well as your brand’s logo and tagline. This immediately identifies your identity and line of work.

After introducing yourself and your area of expertise, provide individual contact information. Although it appears straightforward, many individuals make horrifying errors with this.

Keep in mind that business cards are neither flyers nor pamphlets. Only essential and pertinent information should be provided, and clients should be cleverly directed to the locations where they can learn more.

Why describe your company’s history in depth when you can simply list its website?

Be straightforward and professional. Don’t include your mobile number if you don’t answer business calls, resist the impulse to add your Instagram handle if you never update your Instagram account, and refrain from adding your old Yahoo! email address from 2001.

How Should Phone Numbers Be Formatted Properly on Business Cards?

Up until business card phone numbers are introduced, everything is amusing. Although layout might seem unimportant, many businesses need to pay more attention to formatting and end up paying the price.

Despite this, there are several best practices to follow when writing a phone number on a calling card:

  1. To indicate your area or country codes, use “+” instead of “00.” Instance: (+XX).
  2. For your country code or area code, use brackets.
  3. To make your number easier to read, use a space or a dash to separate groups of numbers.
  4. Using symbols or abbreviations like “Tel and Mob” or “T and M” to distinguish between landline and mobile numbers.

Most importantly, confirm your business card phone number is accurate before.

What Kind Of Telephone Number Is Most Appropriate For Cards?

Include your primary phone number in your business card phone number column or area, whether landline or a mobile, as the straightforward solution. Listing a cell phone number on your business card was considered initially improper, but it is now accepted practice.

Additional Contact Information

There will always be that one guy who doesn’t like phone calls, so having multiple contact options is helpful. Less is always more, though.

Include the following if you want your card to have the most significant impact in the easiest way possible:


This refers to a business-related email account. I’m sorry, but “myamazingcompany@gmail.com” cannot be taken seriously and never will. Also, only include this email. By doing so, you might be interpreted as being disorganised or hard to get a hold of.

Social media

Social media icons are suitable, but you must contain your active handle to further your cause (s).

There are many creative ways to incorporate social media into your business cards. In reality, you can get aid with that from our tutorial. However, please do not include your accounts on your call cards.

Business Address

Remember to provide your address if you have a physical location like a store or office because doing so will improve foot traffic. If not, consider including your city (or region) so visitors know your location. Your area code can also be used to determine where you are.

What format should a cellphone number have on a business card?

The golden rule is to format your cell number in the same way as your office number or landline, provided that it is not your primary number, for consistency. For instance, if your landline includes a national or area code, have it on your mobile.

Should the phone numbers on my card include a foreign country code?

Here, there needs to be a correct response. Including your area codes is more crucial if you’re only distributing your cards locally. Therefore there’s no need to do this.

Nonetheless, including your country’s key can help if you post your cards online or give them to clients abroad. Making it more straightforward for your clients to contact you will save them from having to Google what number to call first.

Can You Show A Number On A Card In The Improper Way?

An unbroken string of digits, using slashes or periods to divide digits or groups of numbers, taking up too little or too much space, and selecting Excessively ornamental fonts are a few examples of formatting errors. Any of these actions will make it challenging to read your number.

How to Avoid Putting Your Phone Number on Your Business Card

When working on the structure of your business card, there are a few things you should steer clear of from a design standpoint.

  1. numbering without spaces
  2. omitting the dash when separating numbers
  3. putting everything together in a mess
  4. Too much space
  5. selecting the incorrect typefaces