TikTok dark mode Android
TikTok dark mode Android

Most current devices support the wonderful dark mode feature. You can work or enjoy internet content for longer by minimizing the pressure on your eyes. Nevertheless, a sizable amount of apps don’t currently support dark mode.

The TikTok dark mode Android is one such app. Even while not all operating systems have complete support for dark mode yet, it is slowly making progress in that direction. The sections that follow will provide you with all the details you require if you’re wondering how to activate dark mode on TikTok.

How to Enable Dark Mode in TikTok on Android?

For Android devices, TikTok has not yet made the in-app dark mode available as of the moment of writing (November 2022). There is no information on the availability of such a feature, regardless matter how thoroughly you search the Internet for it.

There are some hints that certain Android beta testers did, however, get access to the dark mode. Even though that might be the case, there are no options for dark mode when you download the app from Google Play.

TikTok recently added support for dark mode in the most recent version of iOS, so perhaps Android will follow suit soon. Clearly, the key to success in this situation is patience. You can enable the dark theme for your system UI on your Android device to enable TikTok’s dark mode. For that:

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Opt for Accessibility.
  • On the Display menu, select Dark theme.

As a result, TikTok and other supporting apps, as well as the Android system UI, will use the dark theme. The text in your app will be light with a black background. Colours, however, remain the same in media like videos.

How do I enable dark mode for Samsung on TikTok?

If you like the dark mode option, use the instructions below to activate it on your Samsung phone when using TikTok.

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • Choose Display.
  • To activate the dark theme, tap Dark.

Once complete, the system UI and supporting apps, including TikTok, will use the dark theme. On your Samsung smartphone, launch the TikTok app to view amusing videos in night mode.

When will Android support dark mode?

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know the answer to that. It might often take years for the Dark Mode option to be incorporated into an app’s interface, as we’ve seen with several well-known programmes. The best course of action is to routinely check your TikTok dark mode Android app’s Settings to see if the feature is available.

Of course, you should also regularly update your app. A fresh update will be released along with the feature when it is ultimately made available to Android users. The new features will not be available in an outdated application.

Does dark mode alter the appearance of my videos?

No, your TikTok videos and your For You page will continue to look the same after switching your settings to dark mode. Only the appearance of your profile and settings are impacted by Dark Mode.

What to do if the TikTok app isn’t working?

Restarting the application is one method that might work. TikTok did this in order to fix a few issues that keep the app from responding quickly or displaying the videos correctly.

Restarting your mobile device is another option because it’s likely that you haven’t updated it, which prevents programmes like TikTok from functioning properly.

  • TikTok won’t function correctly until your internet connection is steady; if it isn’t, that is to be expected.
  • To avoid this from disrupting your TikTok account’s regular use, you may also try clearing the cache.
  • To ensure that the bugs are fixed, see whether there is a TikTok update waiting. The Play Store (Android) allows you to view this.
  • Make careful to save all of your crucial data first so you don’t lose anything, then delete the program and download it again if the issue persists.


This is how to make TikTok dark mode Android enable. You won’t notice any change while browsing the videos on the For you page, regardless of the theme you choose. While navigating to other areas of the TikTok app, such as your profile or Discover, the distinction between dark and bright modes is clear.

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