Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake

Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake

Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake

In this article we will learn about Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake. Lets start with an Intro Got an apple watch? Things look all cool and shiny until that red or green snake appears on the screen leaving you with a mini heart attack. What do I do? Take it to apple? Of course not! They would charge me over a 100 dollars for something so small. Why is it happening to me? Why is it not charging? Should I throw it away?

These are all the things that might be going around in your head if your Apple Watch is malfunctioning out of the blue. Worry no more for we have you all covered up with the solution.
Whether you own a model 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or the classic SE, the red or green snake does take you off the edge for a moment. Let’s first take a dip into what these red and green animations mean.


Apple Watch the Green Snake of Death

Ever noticed the green bolt of lightning that appears on your watch screen along with a charging cable? This simply means that the watch does not have the power to turn on even though it is charging. However, at times it does get stuck on this screen even after hours of charging. This symbol can raise the watch’s temperature and remain on the screen for longer than your patience can bear. This is why it’s famously referred to as the green snake of death.

Apple Watch The Red Snake of Death

The red bot of lightening appears on your watch when there is zero percent of battery left in your watch. Usually, on plugging in this red snake turns to green one. However, the symbol might refuse to work normally if there are some issues with the cable, port or circuit. Even though if not as common as the green snake, the red one might give any new Apple Watch owner a sudden migraine.

But What Calls Upon These Snakes of Death?

As discussed above, severe depletion of battery is main reason why the snakes of death appear in the first place. This means that the battery is severely damaged and is not strong enough to boot the watch. This damage to the battery can be caused due to the following reasons:

  • The watch is kept inactive for longer periods. That means that the device usually goes out of charging or is not used for hours which causes the drainage of battery.
  • The watch was recently purchased. Now a new device should be working just fine right? Wrong! If the watch was sitting in the store for long its evident that the battery is likely to die anytime soon!
  • The watch must have been exposed to the sun for a long time which caused the batter with in to melt.

What Do I Do Next?

Geez get to the point already! Here are a few steps you can take to breathe your Apple Watch back to life.

Simply Let it Charge!

Normally, when you plug in your watch after it has run out of power completely, you get a red symbol that subsequently becomes green. The watch must be allowed to charge calmly for at least 30 uninterrupted minutes in order to transition from red to green bolts.

Even if you only see the Apple boot logo, everything will continue to work normally. However, if it still won’t charge after waiting for 30 minutes, try forcibly restarting it, and then reboot it. This could take a while. Users have complained that the watch can take up to four hours or even longer. Just be patient with the process and keep an eye out for overheating.

Let It Die

If the above mentioned trick doesn’t work, then let your device die completely, and then charge it again. Now, this might as well take 2 to 3 days, so again, be patient.

Use the Original Charger

Another way to get rid of this charging problem is to use the original Apple watch’s charger instead of any third party dock or laptops. Using the original charging dock ensures that the device is getting the right amount of configuration like the volts, amperes and watts etc. Make sure that you use the wall outlets instead of any third party ports.

Use a Different Cord

Changing the wire cord can be another approach to fixing this issue. Most of the times the wires with in the cables break or get rusty or damaged. Try using a different cord. If your sibling or a friend owns a watch, borrow their charger and charge your watch.
You can also try charging someone else’s watch with your charger to figure out whether the problem is with your device itself of the charger.

Try Fast Chargers

The apple watch magnetic fast charger to USB C-cable and apple 20W USB-C power adapter are recommended for fast charging packages. Alternately, you can use a standard apple 12W USB power adapter and the magnetic charging connection for the Apple Watch.

Last Resort; The Apple Store

If none of the above options work for you, well my friend your last option is the Apply Store itself!


Although Apple tries its best to offer the best value for money and regularly upgrades its products, there might still be some issues that a user might face. If you happen to be one of them, the first thing you shall do is breathe before you begin panicking! If any of the above mentioned tricks worked for you, do let us know!

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