18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuit Helios Legal Group

18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuit Helios Legal Group

18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuit Helios Legal Group

On the road again? You definitely do not want to get in to an accident especially not in an eighteen wheeler accident. It indeed is a devastating experience that drains you off physically and emotionally. If you were involved in an eighteen wheeler accident, you must be working your mind off on to the legal aspects of this scenario. In this article we will find out about 18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuit Helios Legal Group.

What Should Be My First Step if I Get Involved in an 18 Wheeler Accident?

An eighteen wheeler accident can cause serious damages, injuries and liabilities to the involved parties. If you do get caught in such a case, the best way to handle things is to hire an attorney or a lawyer. The attorney would be well aware of the seriousness of the issue and the legal actions to be taken.
More over the lawyer gives a better look at the scenario too. If you did get injured in an eighteen wheeler accident and had no fault of yours then you can have a legal claim and impose charges on the other party. In such a case the law might be on your side too but it is best to have an attorney hired to analyze the merits and set backs of your case.

It might be you or a close companion of yours going through this scenario. Such accidents do in fact bring along many issues throwing your life at bay. Life gets in to chaos, heavy medical bills, couldn’t complete your working hours, not to mention the pain and stress caused.

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18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuit Helios Legal Group help people?

People can claim personal injury too in such accidents caused by eighteen wheeler. Then again they think that they are covered by the insurance company. However, it is at times like these when you see that the insurance companies do not really have a soft corner for you. Those were just words. To face them as well you need a legal authority to view your case and help you.

The Helios Legal group has you all covered up. But you should first know what an eighteen wheeler accident lawsuit is? Who can file an eighteen wheeler accident lawsuit? And what are the merits of filing one and demerits of not filing the lawsuit? Let’s address these questions below.

What is the eighteen wheeler accident lawsuit and who can file it?

Some of the content must be clear by now that you will need to prove that your hands were clean in this accident and it was solely the truck driver’s mistake. Then again proving this can be tricky for both the parties want to win the case. Trucking companies usually try blaming the fault on the other party. In order to prove your case, you might have to provide evidence that the truck driver was at fault, was speeding or drunk driving or driving recklessly and that the injuries you got were from the eighteen wheeler accident. So that means that you have to prove that the injuries you got from your accident are severe and have caused huge drop backs in your life. You need to show your medical records and proofs of your life aspects that show how your injuries affected you.
Now, to address who can file an eighteen wheeler accident lawsuit, just be sure that you were caught in an eighteen wheeler accident. You can file a lawsuit but be sure to hire an attorney for these cases are complex.

What if you do not file the lawsuit?

To keep it simple, if you do not wish to file a lawsuit against an eighteen wheeler accident then you are solely responsible for any damages including medicals, property and even in case of death. You will be held accountable and might even get sued by the other party around.

Hence, one of the benefits to filing this lawsuit is that you might receive compensations that could help you and your family recover from the losses they had to go through. One other benefit would be saving other people from going through the same thing. Filing this lawsuit might also have the trucking company to train their drivers more and try preventing such cases.

How to file the lawsuit?

Getting impatient already? Let’s cut to the chase. The first step to be taken towards filing an eighteen wheeler accident lawsuit is to hire an attorney who can help you with the legal processes.
The Helios Legal Group; Your Go-to Accident Attorneys

The Helios legal group is a US based law firm and is a team of experienced attorneys who deal with clients addressing the legal issues like eighteen wheeler accidents, auto accidents, birth defects, birth injuries, boat accidents, FELA federal employers liability act, railroad accidents etc. The attorneys handle the case professionally taking notes of the smallest details and ensuring you get the best compensations.

Helios Legal Group Location

  • Yeah yeah all that is fine but get to it, HOW DO I GET A HOLD OF THEM?
  • Let’s cut to the chase, Helios Legal group is located in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • The official address to the firm is: 701 market street, suite 1025, st. Louis, MO, 63131.
  • Oh no! That is a long road to Missouri. It’s way too far away and not to forget I am still recovering from the accident. I cannot travel that distance.
  • Don’t you worry on that, you can call the Helios Legal group on their official contact number, that is: (888)572-1622.
  • Alternatively, you can visit their official website helioslegalgroup.com and use the live chat option. You can explain your situations and scenarios to the firm’s representative and seek help via chat.


If you got in to an accident or got injured in an accident involving the 18 wheeler, or if you’re loved ones or relatives got in to such an accident, and you were clearly not at fault, you might want to file a case against the trucking company. The first and foremost step to this is to get in touch with an experienced attorney or lawyer, who has had experience dealing with such cases. Talk them through, and let them analyze and evaluate your claim. See what advice they have in store for you and follow the lawyer to get you rightful compensations. Get a free consultation at the Helios Legal group, who have successful experience in representing such cases all over the US.

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